2.5mm bore 2-way barbed direct acting solenoid valve

Product Features:1. Great anti-pressure ability;2. Long life span;3. Small dead volume;4. Cost effective;5. Suitable for mediums like water, air and some of organic solvents.Specification: Model1022 2-way Barbed Solenoid ValveBody materialPPSDiaphragm material EPDM, FKM, FFKMOutline Dimension20.5 * 23.5 * 50.7 mm 

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Product Features:
1. Great anti-pressure ability;
2. Long life span;
3. Small dead volume;
4. Cost effective;
5. Suitable for mediums like water, air and some of organic solvents.

Model1022 2-way Barbed Solenoid Valve
Body materialPPS
Diaphragm material EPDM, FKM, FFKM
Outline Dimension20.5 * 23.5 * 50.7 mm 
StructureDirect-acting diaphragm
No. of ports2
Orifice diameter2 mm
Flow6.8 g/s (25ºC, 50kPa, water)
Power consumption3.5 W
Operating pressure-70 kPa ~ 0.3 mPa

1. The pressure should be put on the inlet, no matter what kind of pressure.
2. To prevent the nozzle from broken, body ported valve should be inserted or pulled out the hose along with the direction of nozzle.

Installation dimension:


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